optical instruments with products such as inner cams, lens cam tubes, helicoids, and internal gears.

Quality Control



  1. Under its guiding principles, the entire company actively seeks to improve the quality of its products to become the world’s leading supplier of precision metal equipment.
  2. We are continuously improving the effectiveness of our QMS to meet the demands of our clients.
  3. To achieve the highest levels of quality control, we establish quality goals, carefully monitor processes, and implement systems to review our work.

These activities include the following:

  • We keep our clients’ best interests in mind and aim for 100% satisfaction.
  • We strive to reduce our defect rates to zero.
  • We aim to minimize our failure costs.
  • We endeavor to complete our products on time and reduce delivery delays to zero.
  • We maintain a serious attitude towards our projects and comply strictly with company policies.
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