Product Information

Carbide Chamfering Drill DCA with 90° Unequal Lead for Aluminum (for Tap Lower Hole)

Product lineup

Item no.Model no.Drill diameter/D1Blade length/L1Shank diameter/DSTotal length/LTip angleTwist angle (unequal lead)No. of tipsTarget tap size
1DCA1.1-3.2-DS31.13.2Φ350 140° 5-35°2M1.4×0.3
2DCA1.1-5.2-DS31.15.2Φ350 140° 5-35°2M1.4×0.3
3DCA1.25-3.2-DS31.253.2Φ350 140° 5-35°2M1.6×0.35
4DCA1.25-6.2-DS31.256.2Φ350 140° 5-35°2M1.6×0.35
5DCA1.35-3.2-DS31.353.2Φ350 140° 5-35°2M1.7×0.35
6DCA1.35-6.2-DS31.356.2Φ350 140° 5-35°2M1.7×0.35
7DCA1.6-3.2-DS41.63.2Φ450 140° 5-35°2M2.×0.4
8DCA1.6-6.2-DS41.66.2Φ450 140° 5-35°2M2.×0.4

Recommended cutting conditions

Cutting speed (m/min)30-80m/min
Feed rate per rotation (mm/rev)0.02-0.06mm/rev

* The values for recommended cutting conditions are calculated by Toyo, and may need to be slightly modified to match the material, condition of the workpiece, the processing machine and so on.
* Step processing at around 0.25D–0.5D may be required depending on the material, workpiece, processing machine and so on.

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