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Twist Chamfer Mill

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Solid Carbide 90° Front Chamfering End Mill

Model No.
Non-coating type
Model No.
Coating type
Tip diameter
Effective blade length
Number of flutesShank diameter
Full length
TCM90-4TCM90C-40.51.75 3450

Recommended cutting conditions

Work materialAluminum alloy General steelStainless steelTitanium alloyHeat resistant alloy
Cutting speed
Shank diameter / DSFeed per tooth
Feed per tooth
Feed per tooth
Feed per tooth
Feed per tooth
φ3. / φ4.0.01~0.050.025~0.0650.02~0.060.025~0.050.02~0.04
φ6. / φ8.0.015~0.0550.02~0.060.015~0.0550.02~0.0550.01~0.05
φ10. / φ12.0.015~0.0550.015~0.0550.01~0.050.02~0.0450.01~0.035
Chamfer width at one time~0.3DS~0.15DS~0.2DS~0.15DS~0.15DS

*Since the recommended cutting conditions are calculated by us, fine adjustment is required on the material, work condition, processing machine, etc.
*Recommended cut direction : Down cut
*It is recommended to use "oil-based coolant / water-soluble coolant" during processing.
*Depending on the material, work condition, processing machine, etc., cut in several times.
*In order to suppress the occurrence of "tool damage / chatter / burr etc.,"pay attention to "clamp / tool runout of machining work".
*If you want to increase the surface roughness, set a low feed amount per blade or a small cut chamfer amount.
*When chamfering holes by thrusting, set the cutting speed low.
*If the amount of protrusion is long, set the condition low.

Recommended type

Aluminum alloyGeneral steelStainless steelTitanium alloyHeat resistant alloy
Non-coating type×
Coating type

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