Company Overview

Quality-related Policies

  1. 1. As part of our management philosophy, Toyo considers quality improvement activities as company-wide activities, in order to become the No. 1 supplier of precision-processed metals.
  2. 2. Toyo will continue to achieve the points requested by our customers and build a more effectiveness QMS.
  3. 3. Toyo sets quality-related targets in order to achieve our quality-related policies, and creates and implements a framework for review.

The details of specific activities are established as shown below.

  • - Take action from the perspective of our customers, aiming for zero complaints
  • - Aim for the production of zero non-conforming products from each workplace
  • - Aim to thoroughly reduce failure costs
  • - Aim for well-planned production, with zero delays in delivery
  • - Get to work with a sense of attentiveness, and comply with what is established

Environmental Policies

The abundant environment in which we exist has brought us life, and is the wellspring for our creativity.
With heartfelt gratitude towards the abundance of nature we enjoy, we make use of the latest technologies and engage in richly creative activities with the harmony between the three elements of facilities, environment and, people as our starting point.
We strive in pursuit of stable supply and the ultimate in grade of all kinds of precision metal parts. Further, we are actively engaged in preventing pollution and in environmental protection activities, and we pledge to uphold the following points as we aim to become a cyclical resource company.

  1. 1. With an awareness of the impact that our activities, products, and services have on the environment, we have created an internal environmental management system, and continue to make improvements to this system in order to enhance our environmental performance.
  2. 2. We adhere to laws, ordinances, and other requests that we assent to (which includes customer requests) for the conservation of our environment.
  3. 3. We set environmental targets and work towards their achievement.We set environmental targets and work towards their achievement.
    The details of environmental activities to which we give priority have been established, as shown below.
    1. (1)Work towards energy conservation through improvements in productivity and cost reductions.
    2. (2)Make effective use of resources, in an effort to lessen the burden on our environment.
    3. (3)Effectively manage any waste we generate, contributing to recycling.
  4. 4. These environmental policies are made known throughout the company, and are made public.

Scope of Application

(1)Factories to which these policies apply

- Company name: Toyo Co., Ltd. (all factories)
- Address: 1000-5 Hirooka Gobara, Shiojiri, Nagano, Japan

(2)Organizations to which these policies apply

- All divisions of Toyo Co., Ltd.
- All employees of Toyo Co., Ltd. (including all officers, full-time employees belonging to each division, part-time workers, and dispatched staff)

(3)Operations, products, and services to which these policies apply

Operations at Toyo Co., Ltd. that fall under manufacturing and handling, from competitive product quotes to product delivery to the customer
- Metal parts processed using precision machinery (parts for optical devices, fishing equipment, and medical devices)

August 1, 2017
Toyo Co., Ltd.
Shintaro Yoshie, President