Company Overview

Management Philosophy

1.Contribute to the advancement of global culture with state-of-the-art products and proprietary technologies
1.Create a company that brings about abundant value and the power of humanity, through originality, and passion
1.Achieve an unshakable level of craftsmanship with a vigorous desire to take on challenges

At Toyo Co., Ltd., our aim is to offer stable manufacturing and supply of products to market, based on our corporate philosophy of contributing to global culture, discovering abundant humanism, and by maintaining a business environment in which we foster the development of expert craftworkers.

Company Overview

Company name Toyo Co., Ltd.
President Shintaro Yoshie
Address 1000-5 Hirooka Gobara, Shiojiri, Nagano, Japan
Capital \10 million
Employees 60
Business content Manufacture and sales of cutting tools; manufacture of various optical parts, parts for medical devices and various precision instruments
Main banks The Hachijuni Bank (Shiojiri branch), The Nagano Bank (Shiojiri branch)
Lot and building area Lot area: 6,000 m2; building area: 4,300 m2
Major equipment Machining center, NC milling machine, NC lathe, inner cam processing machine, cam processing machine, NC helicoid lathe, gear shaper, CNC tool grinder, wire-electrical discharge machine


May 1, 1960 Company founded in Shiojirimachi, Shiojiri city
September 8, 1964 Company established
April 11, 1992 Reorganized to an incorporated company
May 7, 1992 Relocated to current location
August 8, 2001 Acquired ISO14001 certification
April 20, 2012 Acquired ISO9001 certification


TOYO Co., Ltd.
Address1000-5 Hirooka Gobara, Shiojiri, Nagano 399-0704, Japan
TEL0263-52-2451 (general inquiries)